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  • Introduction

    Cyber threats are imminent. Cybercriminals are continuously looking for businesses with online vulnerabilities. So how do you protect your organisation from the ever-growing risk of business disruption, loss of data, damages and other material costs should you be infiltrated.


    Effective cyber security reduces the risk of a cyber-attack and protects organisations and individuals from the deliberate exploitation of their networks, systems and technologies.


  • Discover your weaknesses before your attackers

    Diversus Group’s objective is to help your organisation identify any weaknesses or breaches and establish the right course to ensure you have a robust security and information management posture.


    Once you complete the 3-step process, you will receive a FREE report and 30-minute consultation. Our team will provide guidance, advice and well thought out recommendations to help you map a path to a high level of maturity and a strong security posture.


    Our aim is to ensure that you are prepared for new & existing security policies that will impact your business, such as the "Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Act 2017, which will be enforceable in February 2018.


    "Organisations will need to be prepared to conduct quick assessments of suspected data breaches to determine if they are likely to result in serious harm" - Australian Federal Government Initiative*  


    This is why we have offered this first engagement as a complimentary service. This will allow us to demonstrate qualitative results and present services to your organisation.


    *Reference: Federal Government Notifiable Breaches Scheme


  • Innovation & Security Framework

    Our goal is to work with the brightest companies and individuals, to strengthen their brand by preparing them for the unknown security risks that they may face in the future. Our methodology covers 3 main areas of People, Process & Technology when assessing your organisation

    Trusted Advisors

    Value Added Approach

    Once we have completed the first step, we will arrange for your 30-minute consultation. Through this process Diversus Group acts as an advisor where both parties agree on the most appropriate next steps, presenting a mutually beneficial relationship and foundation.

  • How It Works


    Complete the Cyber Security Self-Assessment


    Complete the questionnaire based on 5 key categories of the Cyber Security Framework developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST):


    Receive your Complimentary Book

    You will receive a report identifying where you are, and where you want to be and a COMPLIMENTARY copy of the "Navigating the Digital Age" book - Cyber Security & the law in Australia


    Schedule your 30 minute consultation with Dr. Steven Woodhouse & his team

    High level review & consultation of your results, suggestions and key recommendations



  • 5 Key Areas of Cyber Security


    Discover what you don't know



    Establish a Strategy Framework



    Acknowledge the areas you need to address


    Implement a Strategic Framework



    A focus on People, Process & Technology

  • Click on the ASSESSMENT link below

    Navigating the digital age

    Summary: Bad actors can now find a way into a system through the most obscure and innocent means: a click-through on an emailed photo of your daughter’s soccer match, the billing system of a trusted vendor—even systems that were not meant to be connected to the public Internet, such as an industrial control system or an MRI machine.

    In the essays included in this book, published by Forbes, a distinguished group of Australian authorities share their expertise and insights about the levers of control that boards and executives can exercise when it comes to cyber risk. They also share their practical advice on how organisations can cut through the hype, prioritise what to protect, build cyber intelligence through greater cooperation and make their organisations more resilient.

  • Meet the team


    Our diverse team combines experience with passion, creativity and dedication.

    We service our clients nationally from 3 offices in Canberra, Sydney & Melbourne.


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